SoftwareCompacting Squares

In our paper

Irina Kostitsyna, Irene Parada, Willem Sonke, Bettina Speckmann, and Jules Wulms, Compacting Squares (to appear)

we propose a novel algorithm to reconfigure modular robots formed by edge-connected squares. On this page, we present supplementary material for this paper: videos demonstrating the algorithm, and our implementation.


Our implementation is open-source, and the source code can be found on GitHub.

This implementation contains an interactive web-based visualizer, which allows for drawing instances and running the Gather&Compact algorithm on them. The visualizer can be accessed directly here.

Note The visualizer is a development tool and not a finished product; some known bugs are present. In particular, the reset button may not work properly, and we do not handle light configurations like described in Appendix A, so instances with few squares may misbehave.


Two videos contrasting our approach (Gather&Compact) to the implementation of Dumitrescu-Pach by Moreno and Sacristán (MSDP):